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Single Leg Spinners De'Lite - Patented Design

Single Leg Spinners De'Lite - Patented Design

     Single Leg Spinners De'Lite, is a patent pending wooden fiber tool that is revolutionizing the way we support spin! With an accessible design that allows for ease of use in any seated position, this tool is perfect for spinners of all levels. The anti-slip underlayer allows people to keep the Spinner's De'Lite on their leg with less effort. Its unique single leg design provides a new way to spin and allows for a comfortable and ergonomic experience. This tool is a must-have for any fiber artist looking to take their support spinning to the next level.


This patent pending design is only availible from Dan Tracy Designs LLC and has been featured in PLY Magazine. See it in action at this link-



Each item, from Dan Tracy Designs, is handmade from natural materials and therefore can have some differences in shape, size and color. This should be expected with a one-of-a-kind piece. The color of a piece can also look different depending on the screen it is viewed on. Thank you for understanding and your support.

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