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We are taking back order requests for this item. We will contact requesters on a first come first serve basis. Dan is working to keep up with the requests and our computer specialist is emailing as soon as they are ready to be shipped. Thank you so much for your patience! 


This lovely Multiple Lazy Kate tool took two years to design and many, many prototypes. I wanted a tool able to ply vertically and horizonatally. It also needed to be able to display a collection of spindles beautifully. Another importanty feature I wanted was the ease of transportation. The Multiple Lazy Kate comes apart using four interchangeable connectors and can lay flat. I have also created adjusters that allow you to use a variety of spindles even if their shaft isn't the average length.


Included in this purchase; two sides, top, bottom, one metal piece, 4 removable connectors, three shaft length adjusters ( approximately 2 & 3/4 inches long).


The weight of a Multiple Kate is approximately 2 pounds 8 ounces. It measures approximately 14 inches in height and 6.5 inches wide.


This versatile tool has been made using different woods including; maple, cherry, butternut, oak. Subject to availability.


Each item, from Dan Tracy Designs, is handmade from natural materials and therefore can have some differences in shape, size and color. This should be expected with a one-of-a-kind piece. The color of a piece can also look different depending on the screen it is viewed on. Thank you for understanding and your support.

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