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Helpful Lazy Susan

Helpful Lazy Susan

Yarn Helpful Lazy Susan with Repurposed Vintage Quill with locally sourced turned wooden base.

Dan has created these unique pieces from Vintage Quills that once used in New England Textile Mills! 
The wood used in these "Helpful Susans" has been locally sourced from upstate central New York. Including Dan's own property!
This tool is used to free up your hands while you're completing your beautiful yarn projects! Slip your yarn on the Quill and you will be pleased with how smoothly the yarn flows off of this piece.
Both sections of the base have been handcrafted on Dan's lathe individually. 

Woods used in these include Black Walnut, Cherry, Curly Maple, and Oak.
Ball bearings have been used to create a smooth flow.

Dan has created these gorgeous "Helpful Susans" individually and each one varies slightly in size but are approximately the following dimensions: 

• Overall Height – 12 "
• Quill Height – 10 "
• Diameter of Whorl is– 6 to 7 " 
• Weight – 1 lbs 12oz - 2 lbs

Each Handcrafted "Helpful Susan" base has been buffed to a smooth finish but the Quills were left in their vintage smooth state. 

We hope you enjoy our shop and appreciate our designs. All wood used in our beautiful handcrafted fiber tools is locally sourced whenever possible. 

Thanks for visiting our shop!

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